My Metamorphosis Into a Cruiser

I feel that I’m getting into the rhythm of offshore sailing. Andy takes the first night shift from 9-2 or so and then I get the early morning hours. The best thing is getting to see both the sunset and the sunrise. We’ve seen the green flash before, but it’s always magical nonetheless. There is a strange dichotomy to being offshore – you are isolated on your boat but the sea and sky are expansive. The same thing happens in your mind. You are focused on the little things such as wind speed and direction as well as sail trim, but your mind wanders in unexpected ways. Sometimes I just revel in the feel of the wind in my hair and the sound of the boat moving through the water. The things we take for granted seem much bigger when there is less to distract you – the rainbows, the shooting stars, even the wildlife.

I’m less frightened of being on watch by myself, possibly because the wind has been light, but I like to think it’s because I’m more confident. I’m still trying to develop a sense of what to do when things get dicey. I’ve been racing for over 15 years, but there’s always been lots of people on the boat. At least I’m useful in the galley, but I have found that cooking on a stove without gimbals is best done while the seas are flat. Thank God for cheese plates, especially paired with a glass of wine.