Author: Jayne Schulte


“Everything on the boat is either salty or sandy…or both”, Andy commented as we deflated the dinghy in Grand Turk.  He was exaggerating a bit; there was only a little sand in the cockpit and almost none down below.  The interior of the boat was pretty dry as well.  The sand in the dinghy was […]

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My Metamorphosis Into a Cruiser

I feel that I’m getting into the rhythm of offshore sailing. Andy takes the first night shift from 9-2 or so and then I get the early morning hours. The best thing is getting to see both the sunset and the sunrise. We’ve seen the green flash before, but it’s always magical nonetheless. There is […]

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My Great (mis)Adventure

I’ve been a little ambivalent about cruising; I mean I like the idea of living on a boat, going where the wind takes us, etc. but I’ve never spent more than a week on a boat.  I moved onto the boat on June 1 and quickly fell into the routine.  We left a little later […]

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